Extended Team

Why ThiDiff’s Extended Team is Different?

The Team

Get your team customized by your requirements Development or Testing ? Doesn't Matter..

Our Success

Our clients have experienced greater flexibility, increased ROI and faster time to market by leveraging the ThiDiff Global Extended Teams. Yes. We have proven that.

The Approach

We tailor our systems and processes to match your team’s working methods, be they Scrum or Kanban, Slack or Hipchat.

Where to Start?

You can start with a small tactical team or build a complete team to complement your onsite operation.



Manage your projects with our hand-picked team which supports you to deliver your goals, as an extension of your in-house team.

We specialize in building distributed agile teams that seamlessly integrate with your existing teams through our unique extended office global delivery model.

How ThiDiff’s Extended Team Services Unique?

Blended rate structure to lower costs

Hybrid delivery approach to provide flexibility

100% transparency on internal staff knowledge levels

Specialized operational process for unprecedented quality control

Shared responsibility for maintaining long-term customer relationships

Benefits of Extended Team Services

A dedicated team of full-time or part-time.

■ The economic benefit of expanding resources without the fixed overhead.

■ 100% transparency on Skills, Productive Work, Quality Delivery and Team’s knowledge level.

No Overhead on Resource Management.

No Operational Cost and maintenance.

  • Get a quote for a team and select future team members onshore, nearshore and offshore
  • Extended Team works on your projects, while you increase output and cut costs
  • Retain total team control while taking advantage of the scalability, and reduced administration


Do you have the team requirement? Email Us.