Magento Development

At ThiDiff you can hire certified Magento developers to work on your new or existing online store.

Developing custom Magento functionality since 2012

Being in Magento development world from its very beginning, we can say we are one of the most experienced teams you can find. We are passionate about sharing our experiences with the development community via our blog. This was recognized throughout the community and we're happy to see many of the visitors come back and leave their comments on the website.

Why Magento

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce platform that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento's intuitive administration interface contains powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce platform. Although quite new, it turned out to be a perfect framework for some of our clients.

Organization of Features

The development process begins by dividing the project into components, sub-components and features, defining features as accurately as possible so as to make them easier to develop. Features are prioritized so that the most important features are worked on first, and are grouped by dependency, so that features that are independent of one another can be worked on asynchronously.

Our Methodology

Magento-Planning  - ThiDiff Technologies

We follow a variant of the Agile software development methodology. This, in simple terms, means that we focus on getting things moving quickly rather than planning for lengthy scenarios that we cannot adequately predict. Web development is an extremely complex area, and one that is changing on a daily basis. It would be possible to plan some projects for several months; however, in our experience until development begins it is impossible to foresee every possible scenario or problem that may occur. Furthermore, many clients often want to introduce changes and additions once they see the product in action - either because a feature is not as useful as they visualized, or because they have a new idea on how to improve a feature. Moreover, with our team of world-renowned programmers, new suggestions may emerge during the development stage.

We believe that some of the main advantages of using our methodology are:

Closer contact between the Development Team and the Client

This means that both the Development Team and the Client have a much better understanding of how the application will work and allows issues to be resolved and designs adjusted much quicker. Furthermore, if the Client can ask questions, receive clarifications and ideas can be discussed, then this is much more likely to produce the result that the client wants.

Happy developers = productive developers

Our developers are amongst the most talented developers in the world and we believe that if they are given a little freedom then they will be able to suggest even more unique, creative solutions for your application.


We believe that the cost of your project will be significantly reduced by the use of Agile development. This is because your project is constantly being refined and managed, meaning you get the results that you want, in a shorter period of time.

Change is positive

Yes, change is seen as positive in our methodology! Unlike traditional Software Development methods whereby change requests are costly with major time-delays, you have the chance to change course roughly every two to four weeks.

We believe in flexibility. However, each project is unique to us and as such, each project is handled based on the needs and requests of the client. We provide as much or as little freedom as you want!

Timeline and Project Evaluation

The project timeline is divided into high-level milestones, which usually represent larger components being finished or product release dates. Within each of these milestones are short-term iterations, which usually last 2-4 weeks. Each iteration begins with a kick-off meeting, during which the features from the last iteration are tested and evaluated, and a certain number of new features are chosen for development in the upcoming iteration.

These iteration kick-off meetings are ideal times for evaluating the progress of the project and making sure that development is proceeding according to expectations. If setbacks or delays in development have occurred, they can be discussed, analyzed and learned from. The status of the project budget can also be verified. If the developers have important questions for the customer, they can ask them, and they can inform the customer of important discoveries. If the customer is displeased with something, this should be highlighted during these meetings.

Magento Development Services Plans & Pricing

We do not have fixed plans and pricing for Magento development projects as we approach to each client's needs individually and tailor an offer that is best fit for you. To learn more about our Magento developers hourly rates and estimated price of solution, request a quote.