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The designing of a online shop is not the same as designing a blog, an institutional or a promotional website. In most cases these websites are designed to establish an online presence and generate leads only.

On the other hand, e-commerce websites are intended to sell and complete the transaction from start to finish. Apart from looking good, online stores must be functional and process all the information and collect the payment. Thus, as your consumer can not look at your product from all the different angles, the limitation on interaction sets another challenge that makes it imperative to have a flawless design and architecture in order to build up confidence and combine all aspects of your product into an effective workflow to finally get your visitor to the desirable "Thank you for your purchase" page.

It does sounds like magic, but that's why at ThiDiff, your online store visual will be created by one e-commerce designer specialist, this way your business goals will be translated into the best e-commerce practices available to make your conversion rates as beautiful as your storefront's look and feel.

Magento Oriented Design

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Design for Magento can be as complex as it's development. The possibilities are enormous, everything can be achieved when the right professionals are involved and the development is taken into account.

Our designers are very familiar with Magento and they know the equation. Their work goes a lot further than giving you the best visual solution and avoid the project from going over-budget. It is mainly about making the best use of what Magento can offer by assessing each feature integration from the start, making sure that your project will have the ideal fit to your needs and budget.

Brand Identity and Re-Design

We like to think brand identity as in a conventional shop. The business culture, concept colors and business have to be present to bring more empathy and enhance the whole experience. That's one thing that hasn't changed from the conventional sales practice: you have to keep the consistency and the professional impression.

In said that, if you don't have a brand or a visual identity for your online business, we can provide you with. Likewise, if you have an identity and a design that needs an update, you can also count on us.

We can update your current design to accommodate growth, to improve your conversion rates or for simply rejuvenate your general look.

Magento Design Services Plans & Pricing

We do not have fixed plans and pricing as we approach to each client's needs individually and tailor an offer that is best fit for you. To learn more about our hourly rates and estimated price of solution, request a quote.