When you launched your startup, you designed and developed your website, you’ve created startup software that fits your needs. Now you are scaling, and the intuitive, simple software that powered your product no longer meets the customers’ demands.

You’re still in the startup phase, of course, but it is somewhere in between where you were and where you will be several years from now, when large, complex software solutions may be needed.

What you need today is custom software development that will meet your “now” needs at a reasonable cost and organically grow with your business. Hiring IT staff in-house is time-consuming, costly and challenging if you need specific expertise. Outsourcing your development is a smart, cost-saving maneuver to consider.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development for Startups

We empower startups with better technical solutions without scratching the budgets to thin. Technical excellence and industry certifications are matched with creativity, professional ethics and lean approach to software development.

By choosing to outsource software development you can rapidly expand your team and meet the set milestones and changing market demands. Let your in-house team do the job they are qualified for, and expand your company’s tech stack by outsourcing certain processes. While your in-house team keeps the focus on your mobile apps, you can let the outsourcing partner simultaneously develop a application. Combining an in-house and outsource team means more cross-learning opportunities through shared code base and better product quality through peer reviews.


ThiDiff has been established as an outsourcing software development company with a focus on Javascript technology , and we adhere to our strategy for years.

How Thidiff Works with Startups

There are four phases of Thidiff app development for startups:

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