Technology Services

Our Services

We are able to provide our customers high quality services at more competitive price. We are a client-centered organization, and our highly skilled development team provides you with tailored solutions that best fit your business and technology needs. It is our mission to help you realize your vision. If you are looking for a software outsourcing service provider with high-level service at competitive international rates, ThiDiff is the right choice for you. The rate for hiring our developers is reasonable to assure that you can slash your cost while guaranteeing the quality and delivery time.

How we do it

  • We will provide a period of trial development work to help you know our developers capability and decide whether going on for a long-term partnership with us or not.
  • Our competitive pricing is quoted on a monthly rate for engineers according to the technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope.
  • At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, we can communicate directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone, so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team.
  • You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to customer needs.
  • We allow you to build your offshore facilities one at a time - you can always add or reduce staff.

What You Need to do

Effective collaboration gets twice the result with half the effort. In order to create a successful bridge between us, we need the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Documented project specification or the detailed requirement about what you want.
  • Open communication through e-mail, chat or telephone.
  • Your periodical feedback about our work.

What We Provide You

  • At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of productive work.
  • Guaranteeing timely communication and mutual collaboration.
  • Project regular meeting, daily and weekly working report are available.
  • Normative coding style.
  • Complete and well documents written in English.
  • Strict delivery time.
  • Deliverables using Agile methodology

Technologies we use

Our knowledge and resources enable us address particular technology challenges with the proper technology option. Our team leverages a broad selection of technologies and applies best software development practices to create software products and apps for a variety of platforms. We carefully select unique for each project technology stack to ensure the final product complies with the client’s business needs and satisfies the market demand.

Ruby on Rails
React Native

Technology consulting

If you do not have any technology preferences, or have any concerns with the currently employed ones, we will provide guidance for choosing the right technology mix for the project.ThiDiff R&D center constantly researches, monitors, and integrates new proven tools and frameworks into the development process together with the best development practices so that our customers utilize and leverage the most innovative technologies.

User Experience

We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.


The operation of a functionally rich web application often depends on its interoperability with online services and data sources. When required, ThiDiff carries out seamless integration with third-party software / web services (popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources , SaaS APIs, etc.)

Continuous Improvement

We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.We also provide 4-level support and software enhancements to complete application refactoring with no interruptions into the running business process.

Applying Vertical Experience

Driven by the idea of uniting the 3 components mentioned above, ThiDiff identifies the major areas that enable time-saving and cost-effective web application development - the ability to execute the project depending on its technology and business process complexity.